One of us - a pre-military preparatory program for social leadership ("The Mechina")

A moment before the army, just before the race to life, we stop, breathe, learn, develop, intensify, donate and contribute.
In the personal and group process, the students undergo a personal, moral and social identity in preparation for meaningful military service and good citizenship in the country. During the year, students acquire tools and skills that will help them cope with the challenges they face in the future.
The boys take a one-year break to get to know themselves, to strengthen their personal security, to advance physically and mentally, and to strengthen ties with the people and the state.


This is a one-time opportunity for a significant year that may change your life. "You do not lose a year, you make a life".



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There are those who support us along the way out of a desire to help and contribute to the society in which we live. Companies and individuals who believe in us and in our way to change, contribute and improve for the next generation and generations to come.


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Location of the preparatory course

The Mechina is located on the beach of Beit Yanai, between Netanya and Hadera at the Hadassah Neurim Youth Village.

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