What is the preparatory course?

During the program we will focus on three main channels:
  • Personal - personal empowerment, building self-confidence and emotional strength, increasing perseverance, taking responsibility and developingleadership and leadership abilities.

  • Values ​​- increasing the values ​​of Judaism and Zionism, the recognition of the land and the love of it. Recognition of Israeli society, giving and social involvement.

  • Physical - Physical fitness training and combat fitness. Physical preparation for IDF service.

קידום החינוך בישראל - אחד משלנו (ע.ר 580543817)

טלפון: 09-7674577  פקס: 09-7674588

מייל: info@one-of-us.org.il

כתובת: הדסה נעורים 4029800 (עבור מכינת אחד משלנו)

אחד משלנו