The graduates of "One of us"

"One of us" - a pre-military preparatory has 356 graduates in its first eight cycles.

The graduates of the preparatory are scattered among the various IDF units, each of whom performs a significant and important service.

The graduates form the backbone of the preparatory and carry with them the spirit of the preparatory and its values ​​everywhere, whether for military service or for citizenship.

Even during their military service, the graduates make sure to accompany the students of the preparatory program with the many challenges they experience during the preparatory year.


The recruitment to the army - the preparatory accompanies the graduates from the moment they finish their preparatory year and join the army, throughout their military service, in the good and happy moments and throughout their military courses, journies and the various ceremonies.


The transition to citizenship - upon finishing his service in the IDF, the graduate is still being accompanied by the preparatory, which providing him a convenient springboard for citizenship. This includes, attaching a personal mentor to each graduate who wishes to have a mentor, a seminar which preparing to citizenship, a pool of unique jobs, professional training, university scholarships and continuous support for all that is necessary to enable a smooth entry into the civilian life route.


"Second Year Program" - Since october 2019, we started a unique program for 7th grade students of the Preparatory, who were staff assistents for the 8th grade students until their recruitment to the IDF.

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