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About the pre-military preparatory "One of Us" ("The Mechina")

The pre-military preparatory programs have become the torch of the State of Israel's command and social leadership in recent years, because their students come from the economically and socially strong strata.

In peripheral towns, youth villages and boarding schools, there are quality youth who are able and willing to make a more significant contribution if they only receive the encouragement and support required before their military service. For this purpose, the need for a pre-military academy was born, which would provide the trainees with a broader cultural, social and ethical world and would promote leadership and integration in leading social processes in the country.
We provide an opportunity to clarify the abilities, skills and talents of each and every one of them, so that each trainee can fulfill himself to the maximum, so that he can contribute not only to himself but also to his family, society and state.

We aim to impart knowledge and tools as a way of life.
We enable every youth the opportunity to integrate best in both the army and as a citizen.


What is a pre-military preparatory program?

The pre-military preparatory programs were established in order to increase motivation to serve the country and create a strong moral foundation for youth before enlistment, in order to deepen the meaning of military service and help create a better future generation.
The cycle of activity in the Mechina operates during the preparatory year under boarding conditions.
The preparatory courses are intended for security service candidates, high school graduates who, in encouragement and coordination with the IDF, postpone military service for a year.There are 45 pre-military preparatory courses throughout Israel.

The Mechina operates under the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry of Defense. The Defense Ministry's social security department is responsible for the pre-military preparatory programs, in cooperation with the IDF.

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