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The Educational Concept

Vision of the Mechina
Reducing gaps in Israeli society by strengthening youth from the social periphery and increasing their sense of belonging to the State of Israel and to Israeli society.

A graduate of one of our preparatory programs
A graduate of the Mechina will have a strong personal identity and a sense of belonging to the state. In addition, a graduate will have a high sense of ability to succeed in and after military service.
The graduate will be motivated to contribute to the State and to Israeli society and will perceive himself as having leadership abilities.


The pillars of the educational program:
Skills development:
The trainee acquires skills that will help him in military service, in society and in life in general.

Developing awareness and personal growth:
Understanding the self and realizing the possibilities inherent in each. The trainee examines himself, reveals his strengths and weaknesses and finds ways to build his strong points and overcome his weaknesses.
Knowledge development:
The learner is exposed to concepts and models from the content world of leadership, identity, army, group ...
Identity Formation:
The learner develops a broad understanding of what he must be as a person in society, as a leader and as a soldier.
Developing a sense of self-efficacy:
Self-efficacy is the degree of a person's belief in his ability to perform things in a specific and defined field. In other words, it is about developing the student's self-belief in his ability to succeed, being part of a society, motivating people, and more.
Team / Group Development:
As a component that assists the development of the individual.

Educational - Learning Program

• Personal empowerment - experiencing success, coping with difficulties, solving problems, developing self-awareness. Drama lessons, positive psychology course, Wilderness Therapy challenge series.
Personal responsibility - the students will learn to manage the day-to-day life of the Mechina as an independent community model. Lessons will be given on society and community, responsibility, initiative and leadership.
A course in knowledge of the country - knowledge of the country on the geographical and demographic level, while studying the history of the State of Israel.
Jewish and Israeli identity - identity formation, strengthening of ties with the people, state and heritage.
• The Jewish bookcase - the exposure and study of the most important collection of books in Jewish culture.
Israeli culture - exposure to cultural events - theater performances, performances, meetings with artists.
Special weeks - Formation, Jerusalem, South, North, Israeli company, concluding trip.

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טיולים ומסעות
טיולים ומסעות
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