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Community life

The educational approach in the preparatory course is based on a daily experience based on reality.At the basis of the educational program lies the idea that the trainees will take responsibility for themselves. That's why the campers run their lives independently. They build an independent, democratic society run by them through tools acquired as part of the educational program - setting rules, community conversations, committees, decision-making and conflict resolution.


Volunteering in the community

As part of the social construction and the educational program, we see great importance in contributing to the community. The Mechina graduates regularly volunteer in the community in which they live and according to the needs of the community. In addition, intensive volunteer days are held throughout the year.
The following are some of the volunteer places of the second-year students who chose the places themselves
Their volunteerism:
• The Wheels House in Herzliya.
• The children's home in Hadera (Givat Olga).
• A nursing home in Netanya.
• Leket Israel.
• And more.

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