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Preparatory program for the IDF

Exposure to soldiers and units in the IDF, mental and physical preparation through classes during the week and intensive activities.

Mental preparation
The trainees are exposed to a variety of lessons about the IDF, including:

1. The "mental coping system of the soldier in the IDF".
2. "IDF Structure" layout.
3. During the year, tours of IDF bases and sites, meetings with fighters and commanders, are conducted, for example, a guided tour of the collection museum, a guided tour of the Ammunition hill, a tour of IDF bases, a guided tour of the Golan Heights – in the footsteps of fighters.

In the middle of the year, each trainee can make renewed preferences to be assigned to the military service (refilling the preferences questionnaire), which he will fill out after the period in which he understands the IDF system, recognizes his personal strengths and weaknesses. Instructor and mentor create a frame that can be suitable for the candidate.

Physical preparation

1. A fitness program approved by a professional entity is carried out throughout the year (Between three and four sessions a week).

2. Professional field series, such as a week of navigation and the IDF week.

3. Participation in navigation runs.

4. Professional preparation for special units.

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